What is the Intra-Company Transfers Program?

Intra means “within”. The Intra-Company Transfer Program provides a method for International companies to transfer qualified employees to Canada, on a temporary immigration status, for the purpose of improving management effectiveness, expanding Canadian exports, and enhancing competitiveness in overseas markets.

Intra-company transfers are guided by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations and the general provisions of the Intra-Company Transfer Program with provisional supplementation within International Trade agreements for citizens of signatory countries.

Requirements for the Intra-Company Transfers Program

For the Employee:

  • Intra-company transferees must apply for a work permit and qualify under the general eligibility requirements of a work permit and general requirements for temporary immigration.

For the Employer:

  • submit an offer of employment to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada,
  • pay a $230 employer compliance fee
  • provide the employee who is applying for a work permit, an offer of employment number.

General Requirements

The three (3) employee categories that are allowed for Intra-Company Transfers are,

  • Executives
  • Senior managers
  • Specialized Workers (those with specialized skills and qualifications for the job)

The company and employee must,

  • show they have a qualifying relationship between each other,
  • show the employee to be continuously employed full-time with that company for at least one year, within the last three (3) years
  • show that coming to Canada is to perform comparable work.

Benefits of the Intra-Company Transfers Program

  • NOC 0 (managerial, executive) or NOC A (professional) level positions may qualify an employee to be eligible for two-week application processing.
  • Intra-company transferees may be in a strong position to apply for permanent residency, which allows them to work anywhere in Canada. They can apply through any Canadian Immigration Program which they can qualify.
  • The employee may obtain five to seven-year maximum extension of his/her work permit under some circumstances.

Restrictions of the Intra-Company Transfers Program

  • Intra-Company Transfer Program generally allows for a work permit for a one-year duration. The company and employee can apply for a renewal of the work permit if they need to.

Exemptions to the Intra-Company Transfers Program

  • Intra-company transferees are exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

What can Firebird Consultants do for your application to the Intra-Company Transfers Program?

Firebird Consultants will help you with the initial assessment, application preparation and correspondence on your behalf with the federal and/or provincial government until the final decision is made on your application through the Intra-Company Transfers Program.

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