What is the Federal Skilled Worker Class Program?

Federal Skilled Worker Class Program (FSWCP) or Federal Skilled Worker Class, is a program designed for foreign experienced skilled workers who want to immigrate to Canada permanently. Foreign skilled workers are chosen for their education, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French, and other factors.

Applications to the Federal Skilled Worker Program are forwarded through the Express Entry Program. The Federal Skilled Worker Program is a leading, popular immigration program in Canada.

Requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Class Program

You must meet all the following minimum requirements:

  • skilled work experience,
  • language ability,
  • education.

Once you meet the minimum requirements, Canada Immigration will assess you based on the following six (6) factors:

  1. age,
  2. education,
  3. work experience,
  4. whether you have a valid job offer,
  5. English and/or French language skills,
  6. adaptability (how well you are likely to settle here).

A 100-point grid is used to assign points for how well you do on the above six factors, determining your eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

If you are successful in the 100-point grid assessment, you move into the Express Entry pool. Once you are placed into the Express Entry pool, Canada Immigration then uses a different system to rank your profile, selecting the highest-ranking candidates from the pool to give an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

Financial stability

You must have enough money for you, or you and your family to settle in Canada, unless you are currently able to legally work in Canada or have a valid job offer from an employer in Canada.

Where you can live in Canada

The Federal Skilled Worker Program applies if you choose to live anywhere in Canada, except in in the province of Quebec. If you wish to live in Quebec, you must apply through their own Regular Skilled Worker Program or any immigration program run by the Province of Quebec.

Benefits of the Federal Skilled Worker Class Program

  • The Express Entry Pool provides for the largest national online job search engine, with a database of the most complete information on the Canadian Labour Market, which is regularly updated with around 100,000 job openings posted by Canadian employers.
  • The Express Entry system accelerates processing times.
  • There is no restriction list of occupations or professions which can apply.
  • Increase possibility of getting a job offer (if you are accepted to the job pool).

Restrictions of the Federal Skilled Worker Class Program

This is standard with any immigration program. You must meet minimum requirements for the program and eventually minimum requirements for permanent immigration.

Exemptions to the Federal Skilled Worker Class Program

There are no known exemptions to this program.

What can Firebird Consultants do for your application to the Federal Skilled Worker Class Program (FSWCP)?

Firebird Consultants will help you with the initial assessment, application preparation and correspondence on your behalf with the federal and/or provincial government until the final decision is made on your application through the Federal Skilled Worker Class Program (FSWCP).

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