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Employment Help in Canada

Are You An International Student And Are Wondering How To Get A Qualified Job To Complete Immigration In Canada?

Your In the Right Place!

You probably heard from some students they found out that their jobs were not matching any of the NOCs for immigration purpose neither under the Canadian Experience Class, nor Federal Skilled Worker or PNP programs after they had been working for a year?

Firebird Consultants Group provides international students with services specifically designed to assist with qualified job search or career change ensuring the right match with your skills, experience, professional and personal aspirations.

Whether you are just beginning your first career or making a shift to a new career, we offer all of the skills and knowledge you need for success in Canada.

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Services available include the following:

1) Job Search Essentials (qualified job search)

2) Resume & Cover Letter Writing

3) Interview Preparation (Phone/Skype/In person)

  • Phone Interview  (Technical, Communication qualification)
  • In Person Interview (Broader Qualification and/or Behavioural Interview)
  • Panel Interview  (Technical/Communication/Behavioural qualification by multiple interviewers)

4) Art of Self Marketing: Elevator Pitch

5) LinkedIn Profile

6) ePortfolio

7) Mentoring Assistance

8) Cold Calling & Walking

9) Personality Dimensions

10) Career Explorations and Planning, and more.