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Canada Immigration OverView

Making Canada your temporary or permanent home is a worthwhile immigration and life goal.

Are You Interested In Immigrating To Canada But Not Sure How?

Firebird Consultants Group has the knowledge and expertise of working with immigration clients from many different backgrounds and finding the most precise immigration pathway for them.

This General Immigration category will provide summarized information on immigration programs the federal or provincial governments provide that facilitate and process immigration applications relating to work immigration, family sponsorship immigration, business immigration, etc.

Canadian federal and provincial governments constantly work towards updating their services to address the changing needs of new immigrants and to ensure the programs are current to the needs of Canada.

Canadian immigration programs and streams differentiate from one candidate to another, the choice of the program is dependent on your characteristics, goals, and your particular situation. Due to there being over 70 programs of immigration, each immigration is unique and tailors to the needs of the individual.

There are many different categories for professionals and workers under which you might qualify for your Canada Immigration permanent resident visa, including the Federal Skilled Worker programs, the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Federal Self-Employed program, etc.

Canada also provides a number of Family Class Sponsorship programs, whereby Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor family members and loved ones for Canadian immigration.

Knowing what paperwork to fill out and who to talk to can be an overwhelming process when individuals want to immigrate to a new country such as Canada.

An Firebird Consultation Assessment is the most accurate way of determining the most appropriate steps to take towards a successful immigration.