We have a 100% success rate working recently with over 100 success clients, dozens of testimonials listed below.

Хотелось поблагодарить Анну за её помощь, а также за её советы. Анна очень серьезно подходит к каждому вопросу потому что понимает как это важно для человека. Советую как лучшего специалиста на мой взгляд!!! – Юрий Ризваш, Automation Technologist from Ukraine

Anna provided excellent career advice, invaluable interview coaching and professional résumé analysis. I have used Anna’s advice, not only to get my current position but to improve my performance in meetings and interactions with colleagues and clients alike.

I highly recommend GRFC services if you would like to improve your career prospects. – Chris McGuigan, BI/Technical Architect

Anna is a very creative, intelligent and compassionate person. I successfully got a great job because of her professional expertise in job interview preparation. Anna has great communication and listening skills. She always offers her help to anyone, and particularly, new immigrants to find jobs based on their qualifications and professional designations. 
 – Igor Kim, CMA, CFE, Manager, Commercial Operations 

It is my pleasure to recommend Anna. 
Her performance working as a consultant proved that she will be valuable to any company. I have known Anna for several years as a career coach and employment counselor.

I would rank her as one of the best consultants I have ever worked with. 
– Konstantin Golovatov, Database Administrator

Anna is not only an outstanding recruiter, but also a great career coach. She is the only recruiter that really care about her clients and remember them for long time. She goes out of her way to make sure that her client is successful. I truly wish her best of luck in her career. – Hany Lotfy, SAP Implementation Consultant/PM

Anna was one of the most influential people for me as a newcomer. I first met Anna at ISSofBC where she led a LinkedIn workshop. Anna proved to be a great presenter – the information provided was focused, concise and relevant. 

Being extremely knowledgeable and professional, Anna helped every ISSofBC client I know, going far beyond her job responsibilities. 

I feel privileged to have had Anna as a career coach. She helped improve my resume and create an action plan for the job-search process, which consequently led to the job interview and landed me a teaching position. 

Anna has a great talent to inspire, motivate and direct. Her positive attitude, determination and attention to detail make her a unique, one-of-a-kind specialist. – Olga Kanapelka, ELSA Instructor

Anna has shown great initiative promoting our program (Skills Connect) to potential employers. Moreover, Anna offers multiple skill set in web development, event organization and employer relations development which is key to helping our clients. I would highly recommend Anna for any roles that could utilize her skill set.

 – Will Lai, BA, Talent Seeker, Technial BA & Entrepreneur

Anna is a highly enthusiastic, motivated and caring person with whom it’s been my pleasure to work. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist our clients every way she can. Having her as part of our team is like having a day of sunshine every day of work! 

– Seann Sinclaire, Employment Counsellor

Anna is a great career coach. She provided me with superior insights, direction and focus in order to align my international professional experience to the Canadian curriculum and valuable experience that companies are looking for in BC. Her human approach, candid mentoring, highly effective motivational activities and focusing exercises are worth following. Learning from her allows any career challenges to be overcome in the most professional way. Anna helped me to propel my career in Canada to achieve what few ISSBC’s clients have, and encouraged me to continue growing professional. 

I am happy to recommend Anna as a career development councellor and coach. – Jorge Lujan, Sales Manager, Western region

In early 2012, Anna was my first line of contact at the Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC) where, among other things, she moderated the Information Session for newcomers to Vancouver. In a strong appearance, Anna came across confident and provided useful information in a limited time period. She guided participants to get them settled as quickly as possible and focus on career development initiatives. The job fairs which Anna organized attracted a high number of employers and job seekers, but she took the time to meet and greet each individual.

Anna is a highly personable Employer Relations Specialist and now Technical Recruiter who manages her duties well and maintains long-term working relationships. – Cyrus Shariari, Business Analyst